Privacy Policy
(Last modified on September 14, 2004)

User privacy and security are among the top priority of They are as important as the credibility and completeness of the information carried on this web site. This privacy policy describes how we protect personal and nonpublic information while we provide service to our users. Please regularly review this privacy policy for any modifications as it may be subject to change.

What and When We Collect Information

This web site collects and uses information from users in order to provide quality customer service. Following are information we collect and the channels through which these information are collected.

  1. Your company information and contact information are collected through registration, editing registration and editing company information processes.
  2. Product information is collected through posting trade leads.

Policy of Disclosing Information

  1. User or product information may be disclosed at times when it is required by law or legal process.
  2. User data information may be used for internal anonymous market analysis purposes.

Credit Card and Bank Account Information uses PayPal and WorldPay as the authorized payment processors. does not keep user credit card or bank account information. Please review PayPal ( and WorldPay ( Privacy Policies and their Security Policies on how your credit card and bank account information are protected.